The Tests.

You will need to take about 40 tests to complete your bachelors degree (sometimes less if you're taking harder tests that are worth more than 3 credit hours each) and of course less if you have previously completed college courses.

Each of these tests will cost you from around $25 - $100. You may need to take one or two that cost as much as $250 but those are very rare and you may not need any at that price.  

So a ballpark for the total cost of all the tests if you have no previous college credits would be anywhere from $1,800 - $3,500. We know this is a very broad range so please contact us to get a better idea of exact costs. Remember the testing fees are more easily managed because they are spread throughout your entire degree journey.

The College Fees

The college fees also vary a lot depending on the college you choose, your degree choice, and more. A ballpark for total of these costs ranges from about  $864 to $3,200. That's based on an estimate of the total cost which includes application, enrollment, and graduation. Again, this is a very broad range, so please get in touch with us for help on finding the precise fees of your desired university. 

The Resources

If you sign up for test prep with Accel all necessary books, study guides, study resources, and practice exams will be included. Please see our pricing page for a detailed list of our packages. 

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The Total Cost For Your Bachelor's Degree With Accel Will Range From $4,700 to $10,000

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